Carmarthenshire Land Sailing Club - CLSC

About our club

Carmarthenshire Land Sailing Club was formed to regain, promote and maintain access for land sailing, including land traction kiting activities, on Cefn Sidan (Pembrey) and Pendine beaches.

Cefn Sidan and Pendine beaches are situated in a stunning part of South West Wales and offer some of the best conditions for land sailing and land traction kiting in the country. The sailing area at Cefn Sidan is over 5 miles long and the beach can be over a mile wide at low tide, and boasts hard packed sand along the entire beach. At Pendine, the sailing area is over 4 miles long and is mostly hard packed sand. Our membership not only offers you use of these fantastic 2 beaches, but you are also covered to fly at any other public areas in the UK.

CLSC offers "club weekends" through the year, camping at Pembrey country park with a free BBQ on a Saturday night which gives an opportunity to meet fellow sailors and kiters in a social and friendly setting.

The Committee

Dai Wilmer- Chairman
John Trainor- Vice Chairman
Sharon Delafield - Secretary
Daryl Kirk- Treasurer
Rob Thomas - Membership officer
Sally O'Harran - Committee member
Adrian Lavelle - Committee member
Ed Delafield - Committee member
Andrew George - Committee member

Speed Records held at Pembrey:


Current fastest UK Buggy Pilot on Sand – 68.10mph


Current British Blokart Speed Record Holder - 59.6mph


Current UK Kite Bike Speed Record Holder – 53.3 mph