Carmarthenshire Land Sailing Club - CLSC


What does it mean to be a member of CLSC?

Membership privileges include eligibility to participate in all club activities. Non-club members may participate in any two of our unsubsidized activities, after which time they must join in order to continue enjoying membership privileges. Unless other wise stated, events and contests for which we award prizes are limited to paid members only.

Other privileges include:

  • Access to two of the best beaches in the UK, Pembrey and Pendine
  • Insurance 10 million 3rd party liabilty - The policy is a with Landowners permission, and assuming that you adhere to any local restrictions and membership requirements for other organisations. Areas covered are in the handbook
  • Use of Club equipment (potties and kites are available)
  • Social meets throughout the year including BBQ


What does it cost to become a member of CLSC?

12 Month Membership Fees
Junior (under age of 18 for entire year – if 18th birthday occurs in year you must pay adult fee) = FREE
Adult over 18 = £60

What are the social meets?

The club organises social weekends a year. These meets are designed to bring club members and their friends and families together. The meets usually run Friday - Sunday and we camp at the Pembrey Country Park. These weekends are a great way to meet new people and get some helpful and friendly advice. You can find out more about our club meets and the by visiting our forum.

Can I fly for one day or a couple of days?

The simple answer is yes! You need to be insured using the CLSC insurance to fly on either Pembrey or Pendine so you will need to fill out a day membership form for each day you intend to fly but you will have to be accompanied by a current club member. The cost of this is £10 per day and you can fill out an online form and pay by clicking the link. Please note you can only have 2 day tickets in your lifetime after that you must become a full member. Forms need to be filed out in advance unless you are visiting the beach with a committee member. Alternatively if you want to come along and fly at one of our club meets, let us know and we can sort the forms out there.

Great! So how do I become a member of CLSC?

That's simple, just click on the links on the right hand side, you will find our club handbook with all the useful information that you will need to know. Simply fill out the online form and sit back and wait for your sticker and membership card. You can pay via paypal or your credit card through paypal if you don't have an account and your membership will be in the post to you within a week. If you follow the link to our forum you will see the membership section and follow when its approved.